April 19 - 24, 2016

Theme: Languages Lost & Found

The 1st annual School of Thought will take place April 19 - April 24. There will be 8 events, which will bring poets, experts and social activists together to share ideas and exchange perspectives.

The presentation will be unique, experimental and cutting edge. It will be a circle of possibility—and the process will be interactive.

The poets, experts and activists will be invited to speak as a means to stimulate ideas—a la TedTalk (only longer). The community/ audience will then be invited to participate in a discussion—which will be punctuated by a series of bells/ chimes/ and gongs. The community will be participants, and will be given the opportunity of sharing their ideas.

The circles will be facilitated by a speaking guide.

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  • Event # 1 - The First Word Heard

    The opening night will be electric with energy and verve! School of Thought teams up with Single Onion to present an eclectic array of artists. This night will set the tone for a week-long extravaganza of tête-à-tête- tête-à-tête- tête-à-tête. Language of humanity.
  • Event # 2 - Edgy Women Howl

    A night to remember for sure! School of Thought unites with Woolf’s Voices to present a night of edgy women. Language of power. Language of strength. Language of humility. Language of vulnerability.
  • Event # 3 - Oral Transmissions

    The Calgary Slam Team—Ink Spot Collective—with invited guests. Language of truth. Language of wild passion and articulate precision.
  • Event # 4 - Dangerously True

    Get ready for more heavy duty! Marc Okrand (linguist/ creator of Klingon language), Bob Holman (poet/co-creator of the PBS special “Language Matters”), Joséphine Bacon (poet who works in three languages, two of which are on the extinct language list), Christine Schreyer (professor/ linguistic anthropologist/ creator of the Kryptonian language), and Mark Abley (poet and author of Spoken Here)—gather to present and share thoughts.
  • Event # 5 - Workshop - How to Speak Klingon

    Come learn Klingon in the morning—come armed with your own coffee needs.
  • Event # 6 - Originality of Vocality: Indigenous Lingos

    Louise Bernice Halfe will launch her new book, Burning in this Midnight Dream (Coteau Books) written in English and Cree. She will be joined by amazing poet Joséphine Bacon who works in Innu language. And we are thrilled to also present Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes who will sing and drum.
  • Event # 7 - Ways of Seeing the Lost

    Susan Ouriou (literary translator and interpreter), will be joined by Dub Poet/ Activist Clifton Joseph, poet and linguist Mark Abley, Louise Bernice Halfe—to share their work which will be followed by a confab. All poets and speakers will be present to create a lively environment for scintillating discussion.
  • Event # 8 - Create a New Language

    Everybody’s talking about Conlanging. Now is your opportunity to attempt the creation of your own language.