May 2017

Octopus Ink
Audrey Lane Cockett
Tea Leaves
Audrey Lane Cockett
John Williamson

I Just can't stand it
Mike Loughman
My Mental Health Summed Up
Mike Loughman
Dear Darlings #1
Ashley Miles

Mel Vee
Blood at the Root
Mel Vee
The Heat of Passion
Rudolf the 3rd

Calgary Poetry Slam

  • Doors open at 7:00pm
  • Show starts at 8:00pm
  • $5 admission at the door

Be sure to show up early if you want to sign up for the slam or open mic.

If you would like more info on poetry slams, please read the SLAM FAQs

The Ink Spot Poetry Collective

This is the team that pulls together to make the Calgary slam happen each and every month.

  • Cobra Collins
  • Erin Dingle
  • Desiree Gravel
  • Katherine Penhale
  • Mike Roberts
  • Shaf

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